Inaugural Performance, Descubriendo Nuestras Raíces

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Dear Friends:

Welcome to the inaugural spring performance of the Arnhold Graduate Dance Education Programs!

In Descubriendo Nuestras Raíces audience members share in personal narratives and a collaborative process that illustrate the transference and symbiosis of dance artistry in education.

With New York City as our laboratory, we recognize the importance of synergy, and are proud that Hunter College is the meeting ground for artistic and educational exchange, revealing dance dialogues that lead to discovering our roots- Descubriendo Nuestras Raíces.  As our explorations go deeper, we simultaneously witness new growth in our dance artistry and personal life experiences.

I wish to thank Jenny Tuten, Chair of Curriculum and Teaching, for supporting me in all aspects of my work at Hunter College, Pedro Ruiz, Artistic Director and Founder of the Windows Project for his exquisite dances and sharing spirit, Methods I and Methods II students and NYCDOE middle and high school students for lending their beautiful ideas and dances to the project, and to everyone in the audience for entering into this rich exchange of artistic unearthing.  Join us as we celebrate education, dance artistry, discovery and the universal essence of creativity this evening!

Kathleen Isaac
Arnhold Graduate Dance Education Program

Pedro Ruiz Master Class and Choreography Workshop


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Impressive! Pedro’s skills as a master teacher/choreographer/artist/educator! All of the Arnhold Graduate Dance Education Program students, mentors and guests for demonstrating true discipline, creativity, reflective practice and artistic passion in the class and in their choreography! Richard Candelaria for inspiring … Continue reading

Dean Steiner Event

Lannette Alvarez, Arnhold Graduate Dance Education student wrote, Dean Steiner is brilliant to say the least. His articulate presentation, filled with thought provoking concepts all while encouraging arts appreciation, has ignited my interest and left me still in awe. He represents an encouraging model of high standards, standards I feel fortunate to witness and aim to learn from. It’s amazing to know that I am a part of such a strong program with such elite leadership, mentors and fellow peers.

‘The Body in Motion: Its Function and Design’ Anatomy workshop

Special Guest: Theodore Dimon, Jr., MA, EdD

This course explored how the body is designed for movement and how to use it effortlessly and skillfully based on this design. It examined our unique upright system and described the purpose of the extensor and flexor muscles, the head and spine, the shoulder and pelvic girdles as well as the upper and lower limbs, the hands and feet. Dr Dimon’s dynamic and practical approach to the subject matter explained not only how each system works separately, but how when they function synergistically they make up the most versatile moving machine in the world.

Everyone sat upright Christina Stampolis Ana Rubinstein Nina Goldman

Ted Dimon Feedback

Learning to “Talk Academic”: Unpacking the Language of Theory

Facilitator: Ana Rubinstein

Many graduate students initially find theoretical texts extremely challenging in their first semester. This workshop was designed to help students cope with the challenging job of unpacking the dense language of academia.  Students were engaged experientially in practicing advanced reading strategies. Resources and indexes that include key terms and concepts that are central to the fields of dance, education, and aesthetics were explored and provided in a take-home tool kit.

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Student Feedback

Mentoring the Muses

The Arnhold Graduate Dance Education Mentoring Initiative is a cascading model with three active components:  (1) New York State licensed dance educators mentor Arnhold Graduate Dance Education students, (2) Peer Mentoring, and (3) Arnhold Graduate students mentor undergraduate Muse Scholars.

Arnhold Graduate Dance Education Mentors are New York State certified dance educators (some with dual certification in other areas such as ELL and  Administration).  Guided by the Professional Standards for Teaching Dance Arts, and other relevant city, state and national standards, The Arnhold Mentors work with the Director of the Arnhold Graduate Dance Education Program, Kathleen Isaac, in small cohorts, to provide support  to meet the high academic and artistic expectations of the graduate program, and assist students in finding the resources they need to be successful.

DSC_1759 DSC_1639 DSC_1823DSC_1625

Mentoring the Muses was a collaboration between the Hunter College Muse Scholar Program, directed by Dara Meyers-Kingsley and Kathleen Isaac, Director, Arnhold Graduate Dance Education Programs.

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iDanceEd Initiative

The Hunter College Arnhold iDanceEd initiative, inaugurated in the Fall of 2012, provides Arnhold Graduate Dance Education students, with an Apple iPad 3, as well as training and support for the duration of their graduate career.

An enhanced and comprehensive Dance Education curriculum component enables students to stay current through training, exploration, discovery, sharing and practicing student-centered integration of dance artistry and education with digital tools and technology.  Students will gain experience and hone their expertise in Hunter College’s Dance Methods classes, Hunter’s Instructional Computing and Information Technology Center training sessions and in Pre-K-12 dance classrooms.  Gaining critical 21stcentury skills and strategies, Hunter College Arnhold Graduate Dance Education students prepare for a future of increasingly modern and complex dance teaching, learning and performance settings, needed to emerge as future leaders in dance education.

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